BOID - Brand Oriented Interior Design

Brand oriented interior design picks up and implements the client’s brand identity.

We design, develop, plan and implement company spaces for SME clients as well as large corporations. By the stringent development of design solutions oriented towards your brand, we create an added value for your brand.

We call this process BOID®.

Using our considerable experience and tapping into the support of our professional network of specialists, we provide all planning services for interior design projects and are capable of offering planning, cost management and scheduling for all project stages A to Z as a one-stop solution. 

Networking – the modern way of team building

Innovation starts with a team.

For development, planning and realization, we rely on the constructive cooperation with your project team. Making sure of optimal knowledge transfer, thereby taking into account all influencing factors, the implementation of your Corporate Interior thus results in a successful and unique outcome.

The cooperation with specialists in many fields enables us to assemble a team with the necessary knowhow and the required range of services – a team perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

Most importantly, we avoid being either over- or underqualified.


- Systematic development processes for the working out of customer flow, customer experience and multi-sensory technology.

- Ageless and unique design solutions custom-tailored to your brand.

- Integrated, comprehensive and cross-departmental thinking in all fields Valuable experience and know-how from successfully completed projects.

Development and realization:

- Cost-effective and on-schedule planning and realization.

- Independent product evaluation as well as active support for receiving price advantages.

- Preparation and provision of interior manuals.

- Assistance as interior design specialists during project contests.

- Consulting and support with logistics, removal management, change management and processes of digitalization of databases.


- Planning and realization of prototypes, mock ups and pilot projects.

- Planning and realization of renovation projects.


- Natural and brand oriented experience for employees and customers.

- Distinct differentiation from competitors by means of a three-dimensional presence.

- High level of identification from the side of your customers as well as employees.

- Optimized shopping processes, cost and workflow.

- Detailed basic principles and foundations for the implementation of construction projects.